Make The Most Of Naturals!

Bag ‘em Matchbaits reveals some groundbait tricks to help you catch more fish on natural venues…

Dark Thoughts

A lot of natural venues have very clear water, and species such as roach and bream can be very wary. In these situations, a dark groundbait mix can be a big advantage as these wise fish can be very wary about moving over a light-coloured groundbait. This is because the dark backs of fish stand out over a light mix lying on the bottom, making them visible to predators above.

However, if you were to feed a dark mix, the dark backs of fish blend in with the groundbait, and fi sh are much more inclined to settle over the groundbait. The Natural Lake, Canal and River Dark Blend mix from Bag ‘em is ideal in clear water, and can be mixed with other groundbaits to darken off the colour too.


Explosive Action

Groundbait plays a very important part when feeder fishing on natural venues. However, to make the most of it, it pays to mix it on the dry side. All three groundbaits in the Naturals range can be mixed on the dry side for use in a feeder. Mixing the groundbait quite dry means that it virtually explodes from the feeder when it hits the bottom, quickly acting and fizzing to pull in fish and release any particles held within the feeder.

Make It Fine

On tricky venues when targeting a bag of small fi sh, passing groundbait through a flour sieve can be a great way of reducing the food content. This is great on difficult, narrow canals and leaves you with an ultra-fine mix that won’t overfeed small fish too quickly. It works a treat with the Naturals groundbaits when employing squatt and pinkie tactics on canals.

Getting Sticky

On deep or flowing water, you need to be very careful about the consistency and texture of goundbait. If you feed something that is too dry or lightweight, it can end up breaking up too quickly. In deep water, this can lead to the fish spreading out and coming off the bottom, where they are very difficult to catch.

By the same token, in flowing water on rivers, a groundbait mix that is too lightweight can lead to fish following the bait downstream and out of your swim. Choosing a heavier, stickier groundbait can be a big advantage in these situations.

A mix such as the Bag ‘em Natural Deep River & Lake Special Blend contains binding ingredients that make the mix sticky and allow you to form a heavy, solid ball that will carry feed such as casters, hemp and dead maggots straight to the bottom in deep and moving water.

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